Services Offered

Mavis Consulting provides fertility, cultural management, and construction/ renovation recommendations. This is accomplished by ensuring proper sampling procedures, testing methods, site-specific evaluations, and utilizing top quality data provided by Brookside Laboratories, Inc.

We serve golf courses, athletic fields, sod farms, and nurseries through:

  • Standard soil analysis
  • Saturated soil analysis
  • Irrigation water analysis
  • Tissue analysis
  • Soil physical analysis (USGA/A2LA Accredited)
  • Soil penetrometer readings
  • Infiltrometer readings
  • Soil profiling
  • Soil Physical Analysis (USGA/A2LA Accredited) for
    • Root-zone selection
    • Bunker sand selection
    • Depths based on moisture curve readings
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Well water monitoring
  • Course mapping
  • Slope & water movement mapping
  • Cup location evaluations
  • Tree inventory / marking
  • Root-zone depth evaluation

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